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Online Measurement System of The thickened Parts of Drill Pipes
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       Drill pipe online detection system can detect the dimensions of thickened parts of drill pipes. It adopts structured light technique and visual detection method to perform non-contact online detection of the internal profile in the drill pipe. It can be applied to measure the inner diameter of the drill pipe, the internal upset diameter of the thickened part and the length of the thickened part. The measurement is automatically performed.  It is of high measurement accuracy and repeatability. It suits the manufacture tact and is convenience to use. It is quite suitable for spot online detection.

Measurement  system

Key features:                                                                                                                                                                                                  

·         Non-contact, Based on the principles of the structured light and visual detection;

·         Generatrix scanning: 16 measurement light spots, diameter 1~2mm;

·         High accuracy: can reach 0.5mm;

·         Fast measurement speed: 25s complete one measurement;

·         Automatic measurement: automatic trigger without manual intervention;

·         Good Adaptability: It can measure different kinds of drill pipes;

·         Simple and intuitive: It can perform continuous measurement and also allows one time and manual operation. Images and data are displayed.

·         Online detection: suits the manufacture tact.


                                      Measurement interface测量画面                                                    Operation panel 操作面板

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