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Modern sensor and photoelectric detection laboratory commits its efforts to the scientific research of new type sensors, photoelectric and visual detection, biomedical sensors, nondestructive testing and so on. It also has many international and initiative scientific achievements, part of the technology acts as the leader in the world. It has undertook nearly 40 national and provincial scientific research projects, published about 140 high-level journal papers, obtained more than 10 national and provincial awards, applied for nearly 20 national inventive patents.


The laboratory adheres to innovative and realistic tradition, combines the basic research and engineering application, focus on interdisciplinary. We continuously explore new methods and develop new products. The researches relate to space tracking and control, railway security, smart grid, online industry, automotive electronics, digital agriculture, life science, biomedicine and some other related fields. It has successfully developed a number of new sensors and detection system, which has been successfully applied to real life and achieved considerable economic benefits, some produces cooperatively developed with enterprise have been exported to the Europe and the United States.


Furthermore, the laboratory put efforts to foster students’ comprehensive quality, innovative awareness and abilities in optical, mechanical, and electrical area. The laboratory promotes combining theory with practice, encourages original researches and Innovation. Welcome compound talents of related discipline to join us.

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