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Displacement Sensor Based on Magnetostrictive Effect
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Non-contact Absolute Displacement Sensor

·         Non-contact, Durable;

·         Absolute Displacement Output, Power-failure Memory;

·         Linear Measurement, Linearity better than ±0.05%;

·         Repeatable Precision Better than ±0.05%;

·         Direct Analog Signal Output: 0-10Vdc;

·         Measurement Stroke 100-1500mm (optional); 测量行程

·         Solid Cast Aluminum Casing,  Protection grade reaches IP65, Maintenance-free;

·         External permanent magnet which can be mounted on moving mechanical components to perform displacement measurement of moving part on the object;

·         High-Integrated Internal Signal Adjustment Unit and High Performance Data Processing Internal Core, Best EMC Protection.


Principle of Magnetostrictive Effect (磁致伸缩原理)


Displacement Sensor


Displacement Sensor



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