MagnetostrictiveDisplacement Transducer (磁致伸缩位移传感器)
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Magnetostrictive displacement sensor is based on the Wiedeman effect, by measuring arrival time when generating the induction signal of proximal mechanical wave in the signal converter arrived.Then it measures the absolute position of permanent magnet with high accuracy.

It is a non-contact absolute displacement sensor. One of its prominent characters is of high protection grade (up to IP69k ).So it is specially suitable for large range displacement detection.


Magnetostrictive displacement sensor (2009):

Our task group put forward a double wire differential magnetostrictive displacement sensor which was truly non-contact, maintenance-free, long life. Itcan not only be used in the hydraulic cylinder installation, but also have high pressure, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and some other characteristics. Project participants: Zhao Hui, Liu Weiwen, Zhang Yongjie, Tao Ruojie, FengJian.

Researching projects:

High-performancemagnetostrictive displacement sensor research:

This task group significantly enhance sensor performance and anti jamming capability by utilizing double wire differential structural layout and the high speed data acquisition and processing methods. Project Executive: Zhao Hui, Liu Weiwen, Zhang Yongjie, Yu Xiwen.

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