The Eddy Current Displacement Sensor(电涡流位移传感器)
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Eddy current sensor is a kind of variable reluctance sensors whichutilize eddy current effect convertthe displacement and other non-electric measured parameters to the change of inductance or impedance of the coil. This sensor has the advantages of simple structure, wide frequency response, high sensitivity, large linear measuring range, strong anti-interference ability, small volume and so on. Especially, its waterproof, dustproof, antifouling ability is so excellent that it is a very promising sensor.

Our research departmentfirstlyproposedthe Eddy Current Grating Sensor which wasbased on the horizontal eddy current effect in the world.It could achieve a large range of absolute displacement measurement.



Waterproof electronic caliper principle and prototype research (2005):


It was a new generation of waterproof digital calipers which based on the "Eddy Current". Its non-contact, dustproof, waterproof, anti-foulingcan be up to IP67. Itwas the fourth waterproof caliper principlein the world. Moreover, it had independent intellectual property rights and hadbeen exported to Europe with massive production. Project participants: Zhao Hui, Liu Weiwen, Yu Pu, Ma Dongli, Shao Aixia, Zhou Danli, Qi Hongli, MaOushu.

Eddy current sensor in bridge deformation monitoring application research (2011):

The project is a science and technology research and development program for the railway ministry. In this project, task group put forward a deflection sensor and the deflection measurement method for bridge deformation monitoring. Deflection sensor wasbased on the original "Eddy Current" sensor with high precision, fast speed, noncontact, low power consumption, small volume, wireless design. It can be used for the measurement of various highway, railroad bridges and building deformation of vertical and horizontal deflection. Project participants: Zhao Hui, Liu Weiwen, LvChunfeng.

Researching projects:

Waterproof combined coding type eddy current absolute position sensor (the City Board of education research project ):

Based on the original " eddy current ", it breaks through the disadvantage of the double code (Double Code Track) absolute positioning and realizes the high reliability absolute positioning. Project Executive: Zhao Hui, Liu Weiwen, LvChunfeng.


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