InductiveDisplacement Sensors (电感位移传感器)
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Inductive displacement sensorsutilize theinductance of the coil with the measured displacement of the sensorchange.Its characteristics include high sensitivity, good precision and reliable, but it also have many disadvantages, such as range smaller, larger range of nonlinear, contact measuring force.

Inductive displacement sensorscan be divided into self-inductance displacement sensor ( also called micrometer ) and mutual-inductance displacement sensor ( also known as differential transformer, Linear Variable Differential Transformer LVDT ).


Small inductance sensor and its measuring circuit ( 1991):

It is a Changchun FAW funded project and the measurement accuracy is the leading domestic level in the beginning of 1990s. It was completed in 1991 and won the third prizeofscientific and technological progressin the Aerospace Industry Corporation in 1992. Moreover, patents was filed for this technology and high technology products weredeveloped andused in Changchun FAW auto production line, Harbin Dongan Mitsubishi Automotive Engine Manufacturing Co., Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Beijing Automotive Industry Corp.and replaced the imported similar products ( such as the Italy Marposs ). Project participants : Zhao Hui, Yu Wen.

CA-488 cylinder block main bearing hole of on-line measuring instrument ( 1999):

It is also a Changchun FAW funded project and its goal is to implement the synchronous measurement of CA488 four cylinder engine main bearing bore diameter, roundness, concentricity, taper, and other 30 multiple parameters. It was completed in 1999and passed the National Machinery Committee ministerial-level identification, was used in Changchun FAW car engine production line. Project participants : Zhao Hui, Yu Wen.

High precision inductive displacement sensor and the electronic measuring instrument ( 2005):

It is a Guilin Guanglu group funded project. The measurement range is ± 1mm and the resolution is 0.1 μm. This project was completed inDecember,2005 and started massive production in 2006. Project participants : Zhao Hui, Yu Pu, Liu Weiwen, Liu Xiao.

Researching projects:

Inductance displacement sensor based on USB integration: This project utilized highly integrated chip to enablethe integration of the traditional measuring circuit and the processing circuit. Moreover,it used theoutput normalized displacement measurement resultsof standard USB interfacewhich greatly enhanced the reliability of the sensor and interchangeability, widening the application range and domain. Itwas thedevelopment trendof the inductive displacement sensor field.

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